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Last year I made a film called ‘Adnan’ in which we cast a Syrian refugee boy in the lead role and in doing so helped create an experience and an opportunity for him that previously he could not have dreamed of.


Making this film has been a huge labour of love for me and my best friend Mark but also a relentless amount of work… literally, 18 months solid. That’s the preparation, the filming, the post production, we’ve worked so hard on this but we felt it was an important film to put out into the world.


Now we’re at the next stage and this is where we need a little help. 


The next step for the film is to put it out into the world of film festivals. If it gets selected it could go on and win major awards and screen at more festivals around the world. We know that film festivals are insanely competitive. 


We want to give ‘Adnan’ the best possible chance so we’re looking to raise money to pay for an extremely well respected festival strategist who will champion our film for the next 12 months and hopefully get us into the biggest festivals. Their fee is £2,000 and then we need another £1,500 for the festival submission fees.


In addition, where possible, we want to take the little boy and his family to any festivals where we’re competing so they can have the red carpet experience. Who knows what the costs will be for this but we anticipate another £2,000 for travel and hotels. 3 years earlier they were living in war-torn Aleppo from which they had to flee after their neighbourhood was destroyed and many of their friends killed, we just want to create some nice experiences for them as they rebuild their lives.

In return for any support we have put together this tiered system of rewards which are accumulative:


Our immense gratitude


A signed movie postcard from the directors


Signed postcard plus a still image from the film


Limited Edition iconic Help Refugees Katharine Hamnett CHOOSE LOVE - ADNAN T-shirt


A personal thank you in the credits


An invitation to a private screening of the film


Company logo in the final credits



Associate Producer credit


festival fund
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